uPstomp's Clearwater - 30mL
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Pretty good after a steep
Submitted on 04-08-2014

First time I tried this, I figured it was going to be pretty good sans steep with just a 6 hour air post mixing as it was fruity. It was OK, like great vapour but I thought it a little sweet and artificial like most watermelon flavours. I've tried a LOT because I've been doing this since about 2007, and I generally like fruit flavours as long as they taste like real fruit. So ho hum I put it on my steeping shelf with the rest of the orders I got that week. I just took them off the shelf today for some taste testing. WOW. This juice is one fruit niquid that IS much improved after a good 2 week steep in my mini tea chest. IT tastes like actual watermelon. Not too sweet. Not an ADV for me, but I will sit by the pool with a cold glass of something and have this as a treat vape. Thats just how I "do" watermelon- the real thing, so that is just me. If you are a watermelon person though looking for something that doesn't taste like jolly rancher type chemical pink goo posing as watermelon... try this out after a good breathe and a nice steep. I'll bet it is an easy ADV for you if you have steeping patience!

Amazing E-Juice
Submitted on 10-03-2016

I've been using this E-Juice for 3 years now and its amazing all day vape. I never really liked any other flavors, except for this one. This was the E-Juice that helped me quit smoking. My Mother & Sister & Brother all vape this flavor, Upstomps Clearwater. Excellent product

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Refreshing, sweet infused, crystal clean watermelon.

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