BUDIY - 9mg, Makes 50/50 PG/VG (17/83 with VG Kicker)
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When mixed with a 10mL flavour Kicker:
  • Delaware & Signature Series - makes 30mL of 50%PG / 50%VG at 9mg/mL
  • Steamjunk - makes 30mL of 17%PG /83%VG at 9mg/mL

Before mixing in the Kicker, this bottle contains 20ml of base at 13.5mg/mL of nicotine in a 25%PG/75%VG ratio.

A Bit About Jiffynic Liquids

We only sell the highest quality e-liquids, imported from the United States.

Our products are sold in a 2-bottle set:
  • BUDIY (Base Underfilled for DIY) - This is a 30ml bottle filled to 20ml which contains base and nicotine.
  • Kicker - a 10ml bottle of flavour concentrate.

To assemble, simply empty the entire contents of the Kicker into the BUDIY and shake, shake, shake. The label from the Signature Series and Steamjunk lines is removable and can be applied to the BUDIY so that it's labelled with the flavour. Delaware kickers ship with an extra label to apply to the BUDIY.

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