What's a BUDIY?

Putting together your e-liquid

JiffyNic sells it's e-liquid in a two bottle set. A 20ml Base Underfilled for D.I.Y (BUDIY) and a 10ml flavour Kicker. When you get your eliquid, remove the dripper nipple from the BUDIY and squirt the entire contents of the Kicker into the BUDIY. Shake vigourously for 15-30 seconds. The reason we sell in a two bottle configuration is that it allows us to always have the flavour you want at the strength you want. The Kicker label on Signature Series and Steamjunk is designed to be removed and placed on the BUDIY. Delaware products ship with an extra sticker to apply to the BUDIY.

A note about steeping...

High-end e-liquids are like fine wines...they get better with age. You can start vaping your e-liquid right away, but we recommend that you start this maturation process (called steeping) as soon as you receive your e-liquid. To steep it, after mixing the Kicker and BUDIY, place the bottle in a dark place at room temperature with the cap off for 4 days (a cupboard would do fine). Once a day, give the bottle a couple of squeezes to move some air in-and-out. After 4 days, put the cap back on. You'll notice that the liquids are already improving after 7 days and will continue to improve for the next 6 months. Please be aware that as liquids steep, their colour darkens and they get a bit thicker. This is desirable and intended.